Subjects Matter! (10/3/2017) - Polish up your emails and make sure your recipient knows what your email is about. Check out this week’s Tip of The Week! on why subject lines matter.
The Super Simple Secret To Getting Stuff Done! (9/26/2017) - When you look around, do you see evidence of incomplete commitments, projects, tasks and “I’ll deal with that later” piles? Do you wonder how on earth you are EVER going to get it all done? If you answered yes to these questions, you’re not alone. Now, let me ask you this: are you as tired […]
Breakfast Television: Junk Drawer Makeover! (8/24/2017) - The Junk Drawer – it’s a common fixture in most homes – that catch-all place for everything and anything: menus, pens, nails, string, tools … you name it. If you’re not sure where it really belongs – into the junk drawer it goes. But maybe there’s a better way to manage all those miscellaneous objects. […]
Shift Your Mindset! (7/17/2017) - Keeping way too much information, papers and emails? Check out this week’s Tip of The Week to help you reduce the piles and emails.
Breakfast Television: Purging With Purpose! (6/19/2017) - Are you hanging onto stuff because you’re not sure what to do with it? In this Breakfast Television segment, I share some places you can feel good about passing your unwanted stuff to. You can watch it here Often people hang onto things because they may still have some usefulness, they’re not sure what to do with […]
Make Time For The Not-So-Critical Stuff! (6/19/2017) - Ever get tired of hearing you should focus your time and energy only on high-value tasks? You know … the important stuff. But what about the not-so-important stuff? Those tasks that keep nagging at you. When are you gonna get those done? We’d all like to work on high-value tasks and activities, but just about […]
Know Your Energy Cycles! (6/5/2017) - Want to be your most productive self during your workday? It’s not just about planning your day, it’s about ‘when’ you do ‘what’ you do. This slight shift in how you plan your work will help you get the most out of your day. Check out this week’s Tip of The Week!
Reduce The Paper Clutter! (5/17/2017) - Are you buried under piles of paper and information? Not sure how to decide what stays and what should go? Check out this week’s Tip of The Week for help.
Time Management Lies We Tell Ourselves Every Day! (5/8/2017) - When it comes to time, most of us are guilty of telling ourselves little white lies. Sometimes, we tell whoppers like … I don’t have enough time … I’ll do it later … I can multi-task … They seem harmless, but these little deceptions can have a negative impact on our overall lives. When you’re […]
Breakfast Television: Dive Into Spring Organizing! (4/11/2017) - Are you putting off Spring Organizing because you just don’t know where to begin? It’s easy to do if you follow these tips from my Breakfast Television Calgary segment. Spring brings a sense of renewal with it so it’s a perfect time to give your home a refreshed look. Let’s dive in to the steps that […]
Search. Don’t File! (4/10/2017) - Do you spend too much time filing emails? Then spend too much time looking for those emails? Save time and frustration by letting your email program do the work for you. Check out this week’s Tip of The Week!
Just Get Started! (4/3/2017) - Having trouble getting started? Try out this week’s Tip of The Week! Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to getting it done.
How to Prioritize When Everything Feels Like a Priority! (3/27/2017) - You know that overwhelmed feeling you get when there’s just so much to do and everything feels like it’s got to get done NOW?!? And so you do nothing because you’re paralyzed by indecision. Or you end up working on busy stuff but not really getting anything of importance done. It’s a problem that everyone […]
Perfection Kills Productivity! (3/20/2017) - Do you spend a lot of time paying attention to fine detail? Do you wonder why you’re not getting as much stuff done as you could be? Perfection kills productivity. Check out this week’s Tip of The Week!
Organize the Odds & Ends! (3/15/2017) - Got lots of spare parts and odd items hanging around the office? Not sure what to do with them? We all have them. Check out this week’s Tip of The Week for my solution.
Email Tip! (3/7/2017) - Improve the quality of the emails you send by letting your recipient know what you want them to do with your email. Check out this week’s Tip of The Week!
How To Reduce Your Task List! (2/27/2017) - If you’re overwhelmed with the size of your task list, maybe it’s time to reduce it! Check out this week’s Smart Tip of The Week for some inspiration.
The Truth About Sleep & Productivity! (2/27/2017) - If you think you have to stay awake longer to get more things done, think again. Sleep is one of the first behaviours many of us are willing to sacrifice, on the mistaken assumption that doing so will allow us to be more productive. But studies have proven that with a good night of sleep […]
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