Unfinished Business is an Energy Killer

How many unfinished projects and tasks have you got on your To-Do list that have been there a very looooong time? If you’re like many people, you probably have a few. Those incomplete items are slowly sucking the life out of you and are killing the motivation you want … and need … to get your more current and important stuff done. It’s time to do something about all that unfinished business.

Maybe it’s time to get them off that list by either:

a) committing to getting it done and then doing it, or
b) simply let it go

Consider these questions as you decide whether something should remain on your list or not …

Does this project/task support my current goals?
Am I willing to re-commit to this project/task and make it a new priority?

If the answer is ‘yes’ then make the plan to get it done.

And my all-time favourite question to ask yourself is …

What is the worst possible thing that will happen if I decide to let this go?

If you can live with the answer, then get rid of it.

Success is not what you say ‘yes’ to. It’s what you say ‘no’ to. Choose at least one project or commitment right now that you can say ‘no’ to doing, and just let it go.

Get rid of old and unfinished business/tasks/projects (whatever) … get more done.

Now, get on with your day!

About Georgina Forrest

Georgina Forrest is a Productivity Coach & Organizing Specialist at Smartworks! Enterprises Inc. in Red Deer, Alberta. Her credentials include Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®), Organizer Coach, and membership with Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) where she has attained Gold Leaf status – a designation acknowledging her as an experienced professional organizer. Her specialties are geared toward increasing productivity, streamlining administration and decreasing stress in the workplace. She will teach you how to manage your time, space and information so you can be more effective and efficient at work. Additionally she offers training programs, productivity coaching and time management-related presentations.