The Truth About Sleep & Productivity!

If you think you have to stay awake longer to get more things done, think again.

Sleep is one of the first behaviors many of us are willing to sacrifice, on the mistaken assumption that doing so will allow us to be more productive.

But studies have proven that with a good night of sleep you may find you can actually get more done than if you’d stayed awake.

Depriving yourself of sleep can lead to things like …

  • Irritability – hey, don’t blame the messenger.
  • Cognitive impairment. I think. I dunno. I’m so confused.
  • Memory lapses or uh … what was I gonna say?
  • Impairs moral judgment … hey good lookin’ … wink wink.
  • You … work … much … slooooooower.
  • Make more mitstakes.

Staying up late to get stuff done means you’re actually getting less done than you think you are.

Imagine that. Getting more sleep means getting more done.

Here are some really cool things that happen to your productivity when you do get a good amount of sleep:

You’ll have more energy as you approach the end of your workday. According to studies you can gain as much as 45 minutes of productive time at the end of your day if you had enough sleep the night before.

You’ll react quicker and better. After a couple of nights of not getting enough sleep, your attention span and reaction speed are pretty much kaput. You may struggle more with your tasks and other work.

You’re less likely to procrastinate. Lack of sleep has been linked to procrastination. When you’re sleep-deprived, your energy levels are low which means you may not feel like doing your work.

You’ll solve problems better. When you sleep, your brain is still working at sorting stuff out and solving problems. It’s a common experience that a difficult problem is resolved in the morning after a good nights’ sleep.

Sleep more. Your workday will be all the better for it. Get more done.

Sweet Dreams.

Now, get on with your day!

About Georgina Forrest

Georgina Forrest is a Productivity Coach & Organizing Specialist at Smartworks! Enterprises Inc. in Red Deer, Alberta. Her credentials include Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®), Organizer Coach, and membership with Professional Organizers in Canada (POC) where she has attained Gold Leaf status – a designation acknowledging her as an experienced professional organizer. Her specialties are geared toward increasing productivity, streamlining administration and decreasing stress in the workplace. She will teach you how to manage your time, space and information so you can be more effective and efficient at work. Additionally she offers training programs, productivity coaching and time management-related presentations.