Archives for March 2017

How to Prioritize When Everything Feels Like a Priority!

You know that overwhelmed feeling you get when there’s just so much to do and everything feels like it’s got to get done NOW?!? And so you do nothing because you’re paralyzed by indecision. Or you end up working on busy stuff but not really getting anything of importance done. It’s a problem that everyone […]

Perfection Kills Productivity!

Do you spend a lot of time paying attention to fine detail? Do you wonder why you’re not getting as much stuff done as you could be? Perfection kills productivity. Check out this week’s Tip of The Week!

Organize the Odds & Ends!

Got lots of spare parts and odd items hanging around the office? Not sure what to do with them? We all have them. Check out this week’s Tip of The Week for my solution.

Email Tip!

Improve the quality of the emails you send by letting your recipient know what you want them to do with your email. Check out this week’s Tip of The Week!