Robert Morin

I used Georgina’s skill set to help me manage my office desk and file layout. After having changed offices within the company nearly 6 times in two years, I had accumulated a lot of “really important stuff” that, after further review and good questioning from Georgina, realized the material was duplicated in other offices or file locations thereby making my copies redundant and office “fodder”. The first session went extremely well but with so much more to do I had her return for two additional sessions. I have now made it a ritual to get her back every quarter for an office tune up.

I was so impressed with her skills that I had her present to my managers at the annual budget meeting as a guest speaker. I then gifted her services for 3 hours to each and every one of my direct reports so that they too, could improve on their organization / communication / file nomenclature and management skills as well as general office clutter clean up. They have since asked for additional sessions, which I have gladly provided, as the send you get after she has completed tasks for you is “ Wow I can see my desk and I am ready for the next challenge!”

I highly recommend her company to anyone that needs help with organizing. Because if she could organize me around my hectic schedule, most folks would be a breeze!”