The Smart Productivity System

Organizing your workspace just isn’t enough to help you perform at your best. Those homeless piles can be a symptom of other things that are going on. It’s why I developed the Smart Productivity© System.

Using the Smart Productivity© Assessment helps to identify and examine which areas and/or behaviors may be limiting your effectiveness at work.

These four key categories contribute to your overall productivity.

Space-Tools-Performance-BalanceSpace  – Order in your physical and digital space enables you to find information you need quickly and effortlessly

Tools – Functional systems and tools help you manage the influx of tasks, projects and other incoming work

Performance – How you manage yourself throughout the day greatly determines how successful you feel at the end of the day

Balance – Looking after your foundational needs plays an essential role to productivity since when you feel good you work well.

The consequences of not having these operating optimally can create overwhelm, frustration, anxiety and stress.

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