Organize Your Office – Testimonials

It’s been quite a year, and it has made a huge difference to work with you on the challenge of organizing my stuff. Your listening, helpful hands and gift of guiding me through many of the steps of transformation are much appreciated.

Many, many thanks for each step you have helped me take to find some enjoyable order in the midst of clutter and chaos, and helping me to ‘Make Peace With The Things In My Den.’

Family Physician

When I first told my husband that I was meeting with Georgina, he gawked at me and said "You want to meet with an organization coach in the most busiest time of your year? You are the most organized person I know!" I knew I had good systems in place, but I also knew I needed someone to look from the outside in and help me in a couple of areas that I was getting bogged down in.

Georgina and I met for about 90 minutes and during our session she helped me identify two areas that I could reasonably change due to the craziness that was my business in that season of the year. In the two months that I have implemented those minor tweaks, I have seen my productivity increase, and my admin time decrease.

Thanks Georgina for the 90 minute investment into my business that has saved me so much more time than that!!!

Lori De Witt
DWP Consulting Inc.

Georgina has a gift! She transformed our home office space from a place of chaos that I avoided working in (I would use the kitchen table rather than tackle the daunting job of organizing it) into a functioning  work place that I enjoy and admire. And yes,  I open my file drawers just to look at their orderliness 🙂

Georgina is enthusiastic and a pleasure to work with. She is always respectful and never judgmental. Thank you for getting us on track.

Mary Lammirato
Teacher and Artist

Organizing is such a personal thing. We all think we are organized to some fashion and the reality is everyone organizes differently.

I was one of those people who thought I was pretty organized but hoped to gain some ideas from Georgina to improve my office surroundings. Well, I was in for a surprise. Georgina is truly gifted. She never makes you wrong; instead she gives her viewpoint, insight and guided help to show you a better way to organize.

The best part is, the changes stick! I truly feel more in control and love using Georgina’s suggestions. The changes have made a positive difference in the way I manage my workday now. Thank you Georgina, for your smart organizing solutions!

Elizabeth Scott
University of Calgary

Georgina and I started working together when my business had grown to the point where I needed administrative help and I could no longer keep up with the paperwork.

Not only did she determine what my work style is and provide me with solutions based on how I work, she also helped me to understand that my way of doing things is based on my personality and priorities. As a result I have grown to accept my individuality and I now work with the freedom to be me rather than attempting to fit within a mould that never felt quite right.

For example, when we tested out a filing system in a closed cabinet and determined that I simply didn’t use it, we switched to an open shelf system where I can actually see the documents without having them clutter my desk.

Her willingness to work with me and persist until we found systems that worked, make Georgina a very valuable asset to my office team.

Judy Perdomo
Liquid Capital Rockyview Corp.

Once again, thank you so much for all your help with my office. It's been 3 months and my office is still clean. Not only that, my office is functional too. I can finally do my work. Thanks for not judging me and helping me to realize that my disorganization is not a character flaw. With that, you empowered me to learn new skills to take control of the clutter. Furthermore, (and I'm sure this is totally related) I have taken control of my weight. You gave me the courage to take control of my life and so I did. I'm now attending Weight Watchers, I run 3 times a week, and watch what I eat, and no dieting, AND I've lost 5 pounds in the last 3 weeks. Thank you so much. You are a blessing!

Gary Ong
Calgary Chinese Alliance Church

Georgina created a system to help me organize the endless amount of paper that flows through my office. I can now find documents quickly which saves time and money. Her disciplined and persistent coaching encourages me to stay focused and follow the system for my own benefit!

She breaks projects down into manageable tasks so they seem less intimidating and easier to organize, which eliminates stress from the beginning. She customizes her approach based on the individual’s personality and what their strengths are, and ensures strong systems are in place to minimize the effect of a client’s organizational weaknesses.

Stephen Park
Stantec Consulting Ltd.

I used Georgina’s skill set to help me manage my office desk and file layout. After having changed offices within the company nearly 6 times in two years, I had accumulated a lot of “really important stuff” that, after further review and good questioning from Georgina, realized the material was duplicated in other offices or file locations thereby making my copies redundant and office “fodder”. The first session went extremely well but with so much more to do I had her return for two additional sessions. I have now made it a ritual to get her back every quarter for an office tune up.

I was so impressed with her skills that I had her present to my managers at the annual budget meeting as a guest speaker. I then gifted her services for 3 hours to each and every one of my direct reports so that they too, could improve on their organization / communication / file nomenclature and management skills as well as general office clutter clean up. They have since asked for additional sessions, which I have gladly provided, as the send you get after she has completed tasks for you is “ Wow I can see my desk and I am ready for the next challenge!”

I highly recommend her company to anyone that needs help with organizing. Because if she could organize me around my hectic schedule, most folks would be a breeze!”

Robert Morin manages for a national consulting operation - a Calgary office with over 200 staff.

When I feel totally overwhelmed, and I can no longer see the ‘forest through the trees’ (i.e. my office is in major shambles), I know it is time to call Georgina. She has the gift to get you back on track in no time at all!

Yvonne Bassten
Beacon Literacy

The biggest benefit since working with you is the sense of control over my paper flow. Having all of my filing dealt with, files set up as needed, a system in place to add new files as well as having a cleaner, more organized desk as a result is "priceless" as they say in the Mastercard commercial. Your hands-on, roll up your sleeves and dive in approach puts theory into practice. We all have read books on getting organized, but you turn the theory into reality.

Mary Rose McGuire
McGuire Wealth Management Group