Archives for April 2015

Go On An Information Diet

Most people live on information overload. We have so much information and knowledge available at our fingertips – it’s beyond measure. But is it good for us? Is it making us smarter? or … Is it interfering with getting stuff done? You know, the important stuff. Numerous studies suggest that information overload is actually making […]

Do The Big Thing First

We often assume that productivity means getting more things done each day. Untrue. Incorrect. Wrong-o. Productivity is getting important stuff done consistently. And guess what? Not everything you do has the same level of importance. Being productive is about maintaining a steady average speed on a few things, not maximum speed on everything. Get your […]

Set time limits on your tasks

Remember way back in the day, when we had the luxury of time for making long-term plans that moved along at a nice and easy pace and all of our work got done by the end of the day? Yeah, me neither. Speed and flexibility are today’s buzzwords and limiting how long we spend on […]